Amita Kumari.

SidoKanhuMurmu University.

Amita Kumari is currently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of History, SidoKanhuMurmu University, Dumka. Her disciplinary background is in history and her research interests are gender, adivasi history, refugee and migration studies. She has completed her MA and MPhil from JNU and is presently pursuing her doctoral work from Presidency University, Kolkata. She has written and published around issues of resettlement and migration, partition, adivasi revolts, and the role of women within traditional adivasi spaces among others. She has worked on research projects on 'Encountering Dikus: Evolution of a Syncretic Culture Among the Santals’ and on ‘Gendering the study of Santals: Portrayal, Construction and Agency of Santal Women’, funded by Indian Association of Women’s Studies. Apart from this, she has presented several papers in National conferences and seminars around her research areas.