Azra Musavi.

Aligarh Muslim University.

Azra Musavi is currently Professor and Director, Advanced Centre for Women's Studies at the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Her background is in Economics, and she has in the past, worked with several government departments including the Department of Environment and Forests and also taught in many educational institutions, before being a part of the Women's Studies Centre. Her research areas have been around Marginalised Communities, Dependence on Natural Resources and Economic Empowerment, gendered livelihood, gendered patterns of leisure, and she has worked extensively in the context of conflict regions, especially Jammu and Kashmir. She has completed a number of research projects, including those funded by UGC, MoEF& CC, USFWS & UPFD - World Bank and been involved in research supervision. She has almost two decades of teaching experience and has been involved in various administrative and institution building capacities.