Emma R. Seraphim.

Nirmala College, Ranchi University.

Emma R. Seraphim is the founder member of B.Sc. Zoology (Hons) in Nirmala College, Ranchi University, Ranchi, and is presently working as the Head of the Department of Zoology in the College. She is also the founder of “Zoological Association” and “AICON” (Association of Indian Conservationists of Nature). These are educational associations creating awareness among students, academicians and people about the conservation of natural resources and protection of flora & fauna. She has completed her Master's Degree from Patna Science College, Patna University, Patna. She has been awarded her Doctorate degree from Institute of Science, Nagpur University, Nagpur. Her research topic was “Endocrine Interaction During Different Phases of The Female Reproductive Cycle in HipposiderosLankadiva (Kelaart)”. She is an avid researcher and has completed a minor research project on “Impact of Phytoestrogens on endocrine glands of Albino Rats” sponsored by UGC. At present, she is working with her research students on various projects. She is the Departmental Coordinator of the ongoing Star College Scheme awarded by DBT to the Department of Zoology, Nirmala College, Ranchi. Besides these, she has been actively participating and organizing seminars and conferences. She has organized several workshops sponsored by reputed institutions such as UGC, RUSA, NAAC and DBT. She has many research publications in reputed journals including “Springer” to her credit. She is a life Member of Indian Science Congress Association and other associations as well.