Gunjan Wadhwa.

ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow,Department of Education,Brunel University London.

Gunjan is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Education, Brunel University London, leading an ESRC-funded project ‘Rural youth identities in India: Exploring intersections of nation, gender and technology in areas of civil unrest’. She has 12 years of international experience as researcher and project manager focusing on youth, gender identities, equity and social inclusion. Gunjan completed her PhD in Education at the Centre for International Education (CIE), University of Sussex. Her doctoral research explored the production and navigation of Adivasi (Scheduled Tribe) identities through gender, religion and education, and demands for development in contexts of protracted violence in India. Her work uniquely combines feminist, postcolonial and post-structural frameworks to critically understand social difference and challenge the assumptions made about historically marginalised groups in policy. Gunjan’s research expertise includes decolonial approaches to study gender, identities, youth, citizenship, conflict, and policy, along with ethnographic, case-study and participatory methods with rural youth and local village communities. Gunjan was Teaching and Research Assistant at CIE, contributing to Postgraduate and Undergraduate modules of Policy and Practice in International Education and Development; Global Governance of Conflict and Education; and Access, Equity and Gender. More recently, she worked at the National Foundation for Educational Research as co-lead on Gender, Equity and Inclusion theme to design a research project in Kabale district, Uganda with local university partners. Gunjan is a Lady Meherbai Tata scholar and worked as policy consultant with National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Government of India and UNICEF Delhi. She was one of the lead consultants on the Bal Bandhu Project of the Prime Minister’s Office, strategic in implementation of the Right to Education Act in India, in areas of civil unrest. Alongside, Gunjan has collaborated with national and international organisations like UNICEF, Action Aid, Oxfam, MV Foundation, Warwick District Council and UK Parliament.